Four amazing projects based on WS2801 led strip

WS2801 is a really cool led controller. In this post I’m going to show you some usage of this RGB led.

An infinite Miror

“Inside the mirror there is an RGB LedStrip with ws2801 driver – so it is obvious  to drive the mirror with the LedStripShow. Technically the move was easy, the connector to the mirror’s Ledstrip  is accessable from the back and the LedStripShow only needs single constant to be adjusted from 160 to 87 LEDs.”


DIY “Ambilight” effect with Hyperion

“With the Raspberry Pi now most famously known as a $30 media PC, it only makes sense that the best uses for the GPIO pins on the Pi are used for an Ambilight. [Great Scott Labs] put up a great video on using the Pi as a uniquely configurable Ambilight with Hyperion and just about any video input imaginable.”


A Pixel-Coffee-Table

“I () was inspired for this project by the following post I saw on the web: How To Control Adafruit LED Pixels with Raspberry Pi

It explains how you can connect a bunch of WS2801 LEDs to a Raspberry Pi and control it via a web page running on the same small computer. I changed the form factor from pixelstrip-only to a 10×10 matrix of LEDs and added a wooden coffee table and a depolished glass plate around.”


Christmas Tree Light Show

“This project involves using a Raspberry Pi to drive 8 AC outlets which are connected to Christmas Tree light sets. The AC lights are simple one color strands of lights, but to give a more dynamic range to the light show there is also a 25 programmable RGB LED star. One of the benefits of using the Raspberry Pi instead of an Arduino controller is that I can drive the audio out of the Raspberry Pi to have the lights timed with music (not to mention the benefit having a WiFi connection to work on the software remotely).”



And Merry Christmas

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