Enhanced NRF24L01 radio with a DIY Dipole Antenna modification

The situation was that I was only able to transmit and receive through 2 or 3 walls with a distance of about 50 feet, using standard nRF24L01+ modules. This was insufficient for my intended use. I had earlier tried adding recommended capacitors, but for me and my hardware got very little to no improvement. So, please ignore them in the photos.For my remote sensors I did not want the bulk of a unit like a nRF24L01+PA+LNA with a SMA Mount and exterior antenna. So I created this modified module.With this modified RF24 module I could go through four walls with a distance of about 100 feet.This module should also nearly double the distance over a standard nRF24 module when used with line of sight applications; like RF planes, quad-coppers, cars and boats (100s of meters).

Source: www.instructables.com

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