How to use Arduinos with CH340G / CH341G Serial/USB FTDI chip

Some low cost Arduinos are now packaged with a chinese branded FTDI. This kind of low cost FTDI allows to get Arduino 2560 at really low cost (less than 6$ on Aliexpress).

It was the case for one of the Arduino I bougth:



The issue is MacOs does not recognize it by default.  Fortunately,  it’s possible to make it work.


How to know if your Arduino is built with a CH340G/CH341G FTDI

Just take a look at the FTDI:


if the name is CH340G or CH341G, you have this kind of FTDI.

Well, how to make it work

The Driver

First of all, we need a Driver. A Chinese company develop a driver here

It is a little bit painful to find it on the web site. So here is a copy: CH341SER_MAC

Install the Driver

  • unzip the downloaded file
  • run the installer
  • if restart needed skip this step, we are going to restart later
  • If you use Yosemite
sudo nvram boot-args="kext-dev-mode=1"
  • Reboot your mac


  • If you use El Capitan
    • Reboot and press CMD+R (hold both keys) immediately after the chime to enter Recovery Mode
    • Open Terminal from Recovery mode
    • run the command csrutil enable --without kext
    • reboot

Use it on Arduino IDE

After restarting your mac, you can start Arduino with your Arduino plugged to the USB. you should be able to see a new Serial deviced named





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  2. I can see the port in arduino Now, I select it, and I select the Arduino uno board. but any time I try to upload any program, it returns an error “programmer is not responding”. Any thoughts?

  3. Hi there,
    I accidently deleted Adruino, and since i have redownloaded it seems i need to re-do the El Captain reboot thing.
    However, this time it is not letting me. Seems that Systems Integrity Protection is blocking it.

    Any ideas? I am not keep on disabling Systems Integrity Protection if i can help it.


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