Creating your own bootloader ISP shield for Arduino

In this blog, I’ve often talked about how to use a atmega in in standalone mode without any Arduino board:

In both cases, you need to load the bootloader to the Atmega chip. So I decided to create my own child to bootloader Atmega 328p.

So here is a post to create your own bootloader ISP shield able to load standard 16mhz bootloader and also the bootloader to use the internal clock. To know how to configure your arduino IDE to load the Arduino firmware, you can look at my previous posts (with a 16mhz resonator or with the internal clock)





  • Green Led: Heartbeat – shows the programmer is running
  • Red Led: Error – Lights up if something goes wrong (use red if that makes sense)
  • Blue Led: Programming – In communication with the slave

Instead of using directly the a resonator I used female header allowing to add or not a 16mhz allowing to program both standard Arduino using an external resonator or Atmega internal clock. So you can add or remove the the resonator according to your need.

Shield card to print



The working prototype



The idea next is to create a real PCB to create a beautiful Arduino Shield


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