My custom Fritzing Parts

I’m using Fritzing ( to create all my project.

Fritzing is the better product I’ve never used for electronic hobbyists. But sometimes some non commons components are missing. So I decided to create my owns. And hopefully my work can be useful for other.



Update: I created a custom page for parts I did for fritzing: all parts can be found and downloaded here:

Tutorial to create Fritzing parts

As a lot of tutorials exist for creating Fritzing part, I will only put here some links:

Fritzing missing parts for my needs

The first component missing for me are

  • Fritzing part for NRF24L01(2.4Gz RF)
  • Fritzing part for BH1750 (Digital light sensor)
  • Fritzing part for BMP085 (Barometric Pressure/Temperature/Altitude Sensor)

My Fritzing parts contribution

I hope that components I did can be helpful for someone else so I decided to publish my project on github. You can find my work here:



I hope I will add some other components soon… stay tuned




  1. Awesome job! I’ve been searching all night for a fritzing part for the NRF24L01. You’re the first person I’ve found that actually finished the PCB version, which is epic… BUT when I do a test PCB, the NRF is not the correct size (maybe I have a different version??). The headers are perfect, but routing is a pain with the size being wrong.

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  3. Does anyone know where I can get the Frtizing part for the CH340G USB to serial chip? The Eagle part can be found here, but I want to use Fritzing.


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