Sigfox. Playing with starter kit

In this post I’m going to talk about “Internet of thing” using a new wireless network: Sigfox.

“SIGFOX is the first cellular network operator to provide a low cost data transmission service. The service is completely dedicated to low throughput Machine-to-Machine/ Internet of Things applications.”

The goal of this tutorial is to send data throughout sigfox network from their starter kit and then with an Arduino.


Needed hardware

Sigfox starter kit (by Telecom Design)

Price: N/A




Arduino Uno

Price: less than $30 (SparkFun)






Playing with the starter kit

Simply plug the Usb cable to the starter kit and plug it to your computer. Then you will be able to communicate to the starter kit via a serial monitor software. Here is a really good tutorial to get the right serial monitor software according to your OS: 

On my side I’m using MacOs, and I’m used to play with arduino. So to communicate to the starter kit I use the Arduino serial monitor 🙂

To connect to the Sigfox starter kit, start by configuring your serial software to communicate at 9600 bauds.

Then you can start to communicate with the module using AT commands, starting by asking version of the embedded software:

Telecom Design TD1202
Hardware Version: 0F
Software Version: SOFT1117
S/N: 0000898D
E1 V1 Q0 X1 S200:0 S300:24 S301:2 S302:14 S303:1

And now let send a real command to send data to Sigfox network


Capture d’écran 2014-02-16 à 17.39.14

Yeah! data is received on the network.

Sigfox backend has an API to get data from the network. But the interesting part is the availability to add a hook on each received message:

It is possible to configure Sigfox backend to call a given url on each received message. Here is the list of parameter send by Sigfox backend throughout the callback url:

  • id: id of the device
  • data: data sent (hexa)
  • duplicate: true is the message is duplicate

Arduino and Sigfox

Now it is time to use this new network with an Arduino.

Snootlab, a french company, is working on Akeru, an Arduino Shield with a Sigfox modem. It is not now available but will coming soon.

This shield board will come with a Arduino librairie to communicate with Sigfox Network.

Stay Tuned on


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